Welcome to Cherokee County, Texas
 Chris Davis
Phone: 903-683-2324

Fax: 903-683-2393 

email: cojudge@cocherokee.org



Precinct 1 Commissioner

Kelly Traylor 

Phone:  903-683-5060

Fax:  903-683-5891

email:  ktraylor@cocherokee.org 



Precinct 2 Commissioner

Steven Norton

Phone: 936-858-4785
Fax: 936-858-4786

email: snorton@cocherokee.org



Precinct 3 Commissioner

Patrick Reagan 

Phone: 903-586-5811
Fax: 903-589-6521

email: ccpct3@cocherokee.org



Precinct 4 Commissioner

Billy McCutcheon 

Phone: 903-842-3535
Fax: 903-842-3541

email:  bmccutcheon@cocherokee.org


Duties & Responsibilities of the COUNTY COMMISSIONER from the Texas Association of Counties.
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